Working together

For a better world



Paul Pereira - Co-founder & CVO

Rachael Pereira - Co-founder, Director of Creative Development


John Cook - Executive Director, Corporate Relations & CFO

Frank Smith - Senior Director of Legal 

Jackie Gabbin - Operations & COO


Mariah Mills - Senior Graphics Coordinator


Angelica Perez - Social Media Coordinator

Alexandra Socol - Web Developer & Digital Marketing Consultant


Guilherme Silvestre - Director of Global Strategic Partnerships

Luiz Rodrigues - Director of Programs & Activities

Kelsey Stanbro - Programs and Activities Coordinator 

Ron Bass - Creative Ambassador 


Our mission is to educate consumers and our children as to the responsible handling and disposal of plastic while creating the awareness of available alternatives, so that sensible choices can be made.

Our objective in support of that mission is to distribute our message through a fusion of “Fashion, Art and Culinary and Music”. Utilizing this unique medium, Fantastic Oceans seeks to raise the awareness of our global waste management challenge. In addition, Fantastic Oceans will offer multiple outreach programs which will describe our responsibility to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Our founding team at Fantastic Oceans includes executives with broad based business leadership experience and the unique perspective of biobased material development. Fantastic Oceans promotes producer responsibilities toward human health and safety. We support business models that enable increased productivity and profits while focused on these critical environmental responsibilities. Fantastic Oceans highlights and analyzes various “End of Life” scenarios and showcases sustainability and renewability of plastic products and alternate materials.