We have assembled a group of scientists, oceanographers, filmmakers, divers and non-government organizations including The Ocean Defenders Alliance. With this exciting team, we will focus on the delivery of the message that plastic pollution of our waterways can not continue.

Is it possible to dramatically reduce plastic pollution?


From Above and Below
Fantastic Oceans approach is a two-fold. We describe the efforts toward protecting our oceans by cleaning up the plastic followed by a description of the poor choices that we have already made. We believe that through education and awareness we, as consumers, will be much more alert and conscious. Complimenting this awareness effort, we will be demonstrating the effects of plastic pollution through a series of seminars and real time on the water expeditions to demonstrate the harmful effect.
Local Government
Bringing awareness to local government is important, but just as important is being able to provide solutions for our ocean preservation. Most politicians will not support any cause without credible solutions. Fantastic Oceans’ team of scientists, lawyers and businessmen use their industry expertise and knowledge with “Life Cycle” and alternate degradable products from various input feedstock to assist in the preparation and presentation of alternate solutions.
Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. Power to make the right choices and to understand what the impacts on marine life and the oceans could be as a result of poor decisions. The Fantastic Oceans team consists of professors trained in lecturing and delivering workshops and seminars at any level all the way to graduate level students. A coordinated and focused education program in the high schools and universities will ensure that students understand what it means to protect our oceans.
Science Fair Competition
Fantastic Oceans plans to have Science Fairs where demonstrations of degradability and various products made from alternate sources rather than petroleum would be displayed. Videos and real displays of the garbage vortex and other ocean pollutants will be demonstrated. In addition, the harm caused to marine life will be vividly showcased highlighting mammals suffocating by plastic waste and fish dying of starvation due to their stomachs being filled with plastics.
Marine Science Research
The current science experiments being conducted on the coast of Florida will continue and the results presented demonstrate the biodegradability of certain products versus the non-degradation of petro-plastic products. These experiments are being conducted at ASTM standards and are monitored by world renowned scientists.
Broad Public Campaigns
The more people that we can deliver our message to, the more advocates we have for our Fantastic Oceans. Living in coastal communities where people can relate to and understand what it means to preserve our beautiful oceans is paramount to our strategy of public campaigns. Imagine waking up one morning and instead of seeing a beautiful blue coastline, we see floating debris of polystyrene food containers, plastic bags and plastic water bottles.
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